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A history of work and innovation in search of excellence.


In recent years AGROLAGO has become one of the main shrimp exporters of Venezuela in a reliable and safe way, due to the management of a talented and experienced management, capable of developing and integrating effective and long-lasting commercial relationships of broad benefit for all. the actors involved.

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In 2011 AGROLAGO DE OCCIDENTE, C.A. begins its activities in Venezuela, specifically in the State of Zulia, in an area that has exceptional conditions for shrimp farming. In view of the infinite advantages that this region offers, he decided to dedicate himself to the commercialization and export of products derived from fishing and aquaculture.



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AGROLAGO has become a group of vertically integrated companies, this situation has allowed us to participate in the entire value chain of the production process, which goes from the production and rearing of larvae, goes through cultivation in the Shrimp Farms, continues with the processing in our Plant and concludes with the Marketing and Export of our products; all this in order to provide our distinguished clientele with the confidence of having excellent quality products.


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AGROLAGO has always been a dynamic company that has anticipated and adapted to the demands of the market, its clients and current trends. In this sense, it has made sure to maintain volumes of raw material available to meet the requests of our customers, and for this purpose it has a significant number of its own shrimp farms and third parties that supply our plant.



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Our LAGO PACK, C.A. Its main objective is the processing of safe products for human consumption, it works in excellent industrial facilities, with state-of-the-art technology and modern machinery. Investments include state-of-the-art freezing equipment that shortens freezing times and makes it possible to offer high-quality products in a shorter time. In our processing plant, the conscious and responsible use of resources always prevails, without exceeding their capacity for renewal, and in an environment where water pollution is not generated and without the application of any type of antibiotics.

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Our Quality Management process ensures the legality, quality and traceability of our products, through a series of protocols that are applied before and during the production process. Among the most rigorous controls, weight, size, flavor, appearance and natural texture stand out. Likewise, the company has a set of procedures that allow to know the origin of the raw materials, the history of the processes applied to the product, the distribution and the location of the product after its delivery.



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We base our success on the visionary approach of the shareholders and their innovative strategies to maintain the constant growth of production, their commitment to quality, have a motivated and trained human team, have cutting-edge machinery and technology, their ease of adaptation quickly to changes in the environment and finally the way to evolve in conjunction with market conditions.



Our mission

We are a sustainable development organization dedicated to the commercialization and export of aquaculture shrimp, recognized by our clients for offering quality products and led by qualified professionals who guarantee the implementation of the best quality techniques and control in processes, guaranteeing safety and security. traceability in our products in harmony with the environment and the community.

Our vision

Our efforts are aligned to maintain a leadership position in the Venezuelan shrimp industry, through the optimization of resources, technological innovation and continuous improvement of processes, allowing us to offer excellent quality and competitive prices to our clients, generating value to their shareholders. , workers and collaborators, with a visionary, motivated and qualified human resource, in safe conditions, which allow us to offer products that make a difference.


Our values define us as a company and serve as the axis of organizational growth because they are part of our business culture, including: